"When I met Don Rogers about nine years ago, I was in the business of raising Old Sorrel horses.  After  watching his unique way of handling good and problem horses both, I was impressed to let him ride some of my horses.  He did an excellent job on all that were carried to him. I would rate him among the best in integrity, honesty and in fulfilling his obligation to the customer.  Don Rogers ranks among the best horsemen and riders I have known.

        Glenn Matlock, Owner of Matlock's Quarter Horses    Nacogdoches, Texas

"We enjoyed our visit to your ranch in Texas; the accommodations were great. Everyone there was very sociable.  I am very please with the Lil Pistol Lynx mare I bought from you.  She is everything you said she would be as you described on your website.  Thank you for being so honest with me. Thank You."

        Jimmy Mills                   Winona, Mississippi

"I have used Donald in my cutting horse training program and have found him very efficient and dependable.  I have been extremely pleased with the services he has provided."

        Larry Galyean                 Henderson, Texas

"Don has done an outstanding job on breaking and training a couple of colts for us.  These colts  were really started the right way.  Also, I have found that Don is a man with much integrity."

        Tom Miller,   Red Oak Ranch,  Old Foundation Quarter Horses  -  Kaufman, Texas

"Beech Creek Ranch and the Rogers family provide me a relaxing and enjoyable place to come work my horse and to ride and unwind.  My filly in training received a well rounded education with arena work and trail riding.  My horse was not just in training, she was ridden (a lot)!"

                  Ann Carpenter                 Troup, Texas                          

"I have bought three horses from Don and Lisa and I am very pleased. Their honesty and hospitality is a lot. I look forward to doing business with them in the future."  

       Robin Szlachta                Metamora, Michigan

"Don and Lisa will take good care of your horses.  My experience with them is that they are honest in their transactions.  Don will do a good job in breaking and training your horse(s).

        Joe L. Ellis           Owner of Ellis Cutting Horses  -  Joaquin, Texas

"Excellent starting young horses."

        Jesse Ybarra                       Center, Texas

 "Mr. Rogers is very good with the horses and gentle..  Pleased with his work."

        Junior Gross                       Cushing, Texas